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    (2019) Album Download Brookfield Duece – America’s Orphans (2019) Album Download, Download Full Album Brookfield Duece – America’s Orphans album télécharger


    Artist: Brookfield Duece<br>
    Album: America’s Orphans<br>
    Original Release Date: 2019<br>
    Track List:<br>
    1.No Hope<br>2.Parents<br>3.Load Up<br>4.count it (feat. DJ Flow)<br>5.The one (feat. Like & Lottery)<br>6.driving (feat. Mibbs & Nick Gr<br>7.while (feat. Mani Draper)<br>8.black in America<br>9.Surveillance<br>10.Field of Dreams<br>11.Harold’s & Roscoe’s (feat. Tis<br>12.Perspective<br>13.swervin (feat. Freddie Gibbs)<br>14.pay up (feat. Like & Mani Drap<br>15.navigate (37.7383N, 122.1654W)<br>

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