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    GORT-5 Manual. GORT-5 Manual. GORT-5: Gray Oral Reading Tests?Fifth Edition, Examiner Record Booklet (Form A) (25). Qualification Level: B (SpecialistThe (GORT-5) Gray Oral Reading Test, Fifth Edition, published by WPS for clinicians, Includes Manual; Reusable Student Book; 50 Profile/Examiner Record
    Although the GORT-5 yields scores for Rate, Accuracy, Fluency, and Comprehen- sion, basals and ceilings are computed only for Fluency. The Fluency basal is.
    Consists of examiners manual, student book (form A and form B) that is read aloud. Information is recorded in the booklet in identifying information, GORT-5
    Screen and diagnose reading fluency with GORT-5 Gray Oral Reading Test 5th Edition, one of the Administration: Individual; Scoring options: Manual scoring.
    The GORT-5 provides an objective measure of oral reading and growth for individuals ages 6 to 23.
    GORT-5: Gray Oral Reading Tests–Fifth Edition, Complete Kit Important Update for GORT-5 Users:GORT-5 Examiner’s Manual Pages 8-10 Errata
    GORT-5: Gray Oral Reading Tests–Fifth Edition, Examiner’s Manual Important Update for GORT-5 Users:GORT-5 Examiner’s Manual Pages 8-10 Errata
    32847, Gray Oral Reading Tests- Fifth Edition, Kit (GORT-5 Kit). $289.00. 32847S, GORT-5 Student Book. $69.00. 32847M, GORT-5 Manual. $97.00. 32847A
    GRAY ORAL READING TEST. Measure of oral reading fluency and comprehension. EXAMINER MAY ALTER STARTING POINT ACCORDINGLY.

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