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    legend order ggplot2

    error: continuous value supplied to discrete scaleadd legend ggplot

    ggplot shapes

    scale_size_manual continuous value supplied to discrete scale


    ggplot legend


    ggplot2 Quick Reference: scale. A scale ggplot2 essentially supports the following kinds of aesthetic properties: scale_size_manual, scale_shape_discrete
    28 Jan 2015 The library ggplot2 is a very powerful resource in R for creating tells us that we can use the command scale_size_manual(values=c(.
    The functions scale_colour_manual() , scale_fill_manual() , scale_size_manual() , etc. work on the aesthetics specified in the scale name: colour , fill , size , etc.
    25 Dec 2018 You will learn hw to change ggplot point shapes for a basic scatter plot, scale_color_manual() and scale_size_manual() : ggplot2 functions toFrom ggplot2 v0.9.0 by Hadley Wickham the size mapping for discrete variable, use # scale_size_manual: last_plot() + scale_size_manual(values=c(2,4,6))
    I’m using ggplot2 to make plots of wind speed data over 12 months of the year I’d like to use scale_size_manual to tailor the widths of the lines, in this case to
    16 Jan 2018 library(ggplot2) a = data.frame(a=rep(1:4,4), x=runif(16), y=runif(16)) y=y, size=a)) + geom_point() + scale_size_manual(values=c(3,3,3,3)).
    25 Dec 2015 [R] to change the size of the line in the plot created in ggplot2 values = c( 1, 1, 1, 2 ) ) + scale_size_manual( name=”Curve”, values = c( 1, 1,
    library(ggplot2) # Basic scatter plot ggplot(df, aes(x=wt, y=mpg)) + geom_point() to change point colors; scale_size_manual() : to change the size of points.
    19 Feb 2015 I think you need to add size as an aethetic. Try aes(x=rates, y=sizes, group=names, size=names) and you’ll see scale_size_manual() kick in.

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