No Light, Yes Gold


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Acrylic Paint on A4 paper.


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I am 25 years old from a small city in Sao Paulo states called Sao Jose do Rio Preto. I moved to Europe in 2008; later to Australia, Italy and then England. In 2012 I went to Australia to live for one year and that was when I got to know a bit about street art and when I had my first experience with a spray can. Since then, I haven't stopped painting; always trying to paint more and more. Painting takes off all the problems that I have and also all the problems that other people do have. Painting for me is a safe way to live until you die. All my work is made on plywood that I find around my place, also the sculptures that I make are recycled. I use everything that I find interesting. I believe that art is everywhere. That is a bit about me. Many thanks for looking at my work. Enjoy the gallery!